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    YI Fall 2011 Celebration

    Posted: 19-December-2011, 8:05pm EST

    Categories: TeensBlog

    If you’ve ever been involved in Youth Insights, you know the drill—an event pops up and emails are sent all the way up to the date. So when the messages were sent out calling for visitors to the Fall YI Writer & Artists Exhibition, I expected to see a crowd and I was not disappointed.

    On the day of YI’s end-of-term exhibition and graduation, I arrived at the Museum early and began to set up. I matched titles with artworks and made sure bridge sketches were stuck to portable gallery walls. Once the event began, I had the job of greeting people and the opportunity to see the place slowly fill up. Past YI Leaders came to talk with present YI participants. Ruminations on the art were spliced with advice about college applications and life after Youth Insights. The only way I was able to separate from my peers was the allure of homemade cheesecake and the beckoning of educators as the graduation ceremony began.

  • Permalink for 'Teacher Exchange: A Discussion about the Role of Information in Inquiry-Based Learning'

    Teacher Exchange: A Discussion about the Role of Information in Inquiry-Based Learning

    Posted: 19-December-2011, 11:02pm EST

    Categories: EducationBlog

    Can we know too much about a work of art? Do biographical details and historical information get in the way of our personal and imaginative responses to an artist’s creation? The focus of our second meeting for Teacher Exchange in early November was to consider the role that information plays in inquiry-based learning. Teacher Exchange is a year-long professional development workshop for K-12 teachers to learn from one another and exchange ideas about art and teaching.

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